CURATE // 2017 Calendars

Is it safe to say that we are ready for 2017? I know I am! With some projects leading into the new year, it's time to get a beautiful + well designed calendar to usher in 2017! Here's a curated list with 6 of my favorites found online. Enjoy! xx

  1. Wall Planner 2017 Calendar Office Organiser Mid Century Modern Retro Pattern [$19.26] 
  2. Everyday Desk Calendar - 2017 FOLK by Rifle Paper Co. [$11.20 sale!]
  3. Paint Chip Wall Calendar by Waste Not Paper [$22.45]
  4. Two Thousand Seventeen Yearly Printable Calendar by SacredandProfane [$10.50!] 
  5. 2017 Stendig Calendar by Massimo Vignelli/MOMA [$48.00]
  6. Paper Source Blotter Calendar 2016-2017 by Paper Source [$29.95]

Top 5 // Inspiring Entrepreneural Podcasts

Who doesn't love podcasts? I love nothing more than driving and diving into a great and thoughtful podcast. I have a few buckets of categories that peak my interests that I can't wait to share. To get us started, here are my TOP 5 INSPIRING ENTREPRENEURAL PODCASTS. Any that I'm missing that you love? Please share!

Happy listening xx


THIS IS YOUR LIFE™ - Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt's podcast, This Is Your Life came highly recommended to me by a dear friend. Michael touches bases on most things relative to making this life your best life, whether that's through goal setting, developing business ideas, or living our your faith in the work you do. I've just begun to scratch the surface on his archives, but wow - his advice is solid and inspiring. His thoughts on blogging pushed me in this direction and helped formulate this "top 5" idea! 

BEING BOSS - Emily Thompson + Kathleen Shannon

These are two girls after my own heart - badass creative entrepreneurs who love a good drink and making things look beautiful. Whether they are interviewing a fellow boss or reflecting on their own learnings together, each episode is full of inspiration and challenges. Their tagline says it all - “Being Boss in work and life, is being in it. It’s being who we are, doing the work, breaking some rules, and even though we each have to do it on our own – knowing we’re in it together.” Hell ya. 


Someone described this podcast as TED Talks meet Oprah - yup, nail on the head. From conversations about creativity to the art of storytelling, these episodes are thought provoking, fascinating and deep. Srini's questions dive deep with the interviewers and provide such great insight and fantastic takeaways. 


#GIRLBOSS RADIO - Sophia Amoruso 

#girlboss, aka #girlcrush - Sophia has it going on. From her incredible story of taking an e-bay store to a muiti-million dollar company to the stories she shares on this podcast - I can't help but love this podcast. My favorite feature has to be the amazing women she interviews every week. They range from creatives to CEOs to philanthropists. Each has an amazing story that I can't help but do some research on my own and dive deeper into their stories to inspire my own. 



I stumbled upon this podcast by way of Being Boss - It's a very thorough interview style podcast hosted by Tar Gentile, business strategist. Like Unmistakable Creative, Tara's questions are extremely thoughtful and her interview skills are unmatched. With a very linear approach to her though process, I find following along easy, making the insights resonate quickly.  

san diego

One thing that's a must when you live in 100+ degree heat is to get out of it. Last week we packed up and headed south to San Diego, where it was slightly overcast and a lovely 75 degrees.

We had no real plans besides relaxing and making sure Ira had fun. We walked around the city in search of parks, ate some delicious Mexican food, and tried to do the beach thing. I grew up going to the beach and playing for hours on end in the water and in the sand. It must be an acquired thing, because my child hated it. Hated everything about it. 

The best part of it, at least for me, was the disconnecting from work, for both Scott and myself. Both of our jobs are demanding and our schedules never align. It was glorius to have all 3 of us in the same location for several days. 

Ira's favorite part? The elevator 100%. He even walked in an open one and pushed the button. Talk about a panic attack. But don't worry, i got him. I can't even imagine how I'd find him if those doors closed. Now I'm having the panic attack again.

Another vacation.. please!


Hello! Welcome to Rivett. I'm so excited to start sharing once again. I've had so many blogs, sites, "businesses," that having a new one is equally exciting and daunting. There are things that we'll get into down the road about the creation of Rivett, but the need for a creative outlet is the main driver. I'll be adding content several times a week and sharing this grand vision as it reveals itself.

I'm excited to share with everyone what's been going on, what is in the works and a sneak peak into the lives of the LaBare family. 

Drop us a note and visit us again soon.

- shannon